Belieber - 16 - Germany

So, I had a dream about @justinbieber last night.

Fredo tweeted something & I replied. Because of that I got to meet Justin, but for some reason Selena & Zoey Deschanel (I think this is how it’s spelled, idk) were there, too. ⁉️
They’ve been at my house & we talked for a while.. Then I asked Selena & Zoey to leave for a moment, because I wanted to talk to Justin. This “moment” turned out to be very long & they didn’t even come back smh. ⁉️

So, I talked to Justin & asked him if he’d do a Journals Tour & he told me he would, but only in the US & Canada. 😔
I was sad, but it was his decision.

We looked at the photos on my phone & he was like “You’ve got more pictures of me, then of you or your friends 😳”. We talked a bit about the pictures & I started to tell him how grateful I am for everything he ever did & I also wanted to tell him how he changed my life & stuff, but I couldn’t. I don’t know why, but nothing came out of my mouth..

Then I told him what I liked the most about him. I mentioned his beautiful eyes & his kissable lips & he just sat there, smiling shyly & oh my god, this was the cutest smile I’ve ever seen! 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭

Later I asked him if we could call some of my belieber friends, but it didn’t work out, so we just recorded some stupid voicemails. 😅

After that my mum & my siblings suddenly came in & my little sister was screaming & my brother was going crazy. This didn’t even make sense, because I dreamed that they went to bed earlier.. ⁉️

But however, Justin sat there & said “Hi, I’m Justin. Your daughter won a meet & greet. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it earlier.” but my mum just stood there & started to insult Justin in russian. I told my mum to get out & to leave him in peace. But she just looked at him like he was a murderer something & insulted him again & again. Then my stepfather came home & yelled at me, because Justin was there. While my parents were going insane I looked at Justin, but he was just playing Sims on my phone. ⁉️
My parents were kind of frozen for a moment & Justin was like “Wow. This game is cool.” & I was like “You can get at the AppStor, it’s called “The Sims FreePlay”.”

For a moment it was peacefully quiet, but then my parents started to yell at me again.
I yelled back at my parents, went to Justin, took his hand & we went out. & I yelled at my mum that I hated her & that I would move out..
My mum started to cry & I cried, too. Justin & I, we were in my room & I told him “I’m so sorry, Justin. I don’t know why she behaved that way.” But he just hugged me & told me, that everything’s gonna be alright & that I shouldn’t worry about him. This made me cry even more.
I closed my eyes & hid my face in his neck & when I opened them again, I woke up. Crying.

I cried because I was sad, that I didn’t meet him. I cried because I was glad, that I didn’t have that fight with my mum.
I cried, because I miss him.